Branding is an expression of the characteristics of a business.


There are two ways to look at the branding and what is represents:


1.How you want to be perceived

2.How you are actually perceived?


Often there is a GAP between the two!



Your brand needs…


Passion and emotion


How do you want your ideal customer to feel when they see your logo, hop on your website or receive an email from you?



Constant reinforcing of identity


Customers emotional connection with your brand.


If you don’t define how you want to be perceived your customers will form their own opinion. There is nothing more dangerous in business.


What do you want to be known for and WHY?




What motivates you?


That's what you need to communicate to your customers to motivate them.



How can we help?


We will discover - who you are and where you want to be.


We will break it down - what people think of your business today,  the good, bad and the ugly.


We will identify the gaps - how you want to be perceived vs. how you are being perceived.


We will build a plan – to develop your desired brand perception.



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Social Media Branding


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